My Path to Spirituality

When things in life go fine, us human find no necessity to change.

Having had an eating disorder as a teenager followed by a depression, made me reflect on things.
I searched for answers, I wanted to understand the deeper meaning of my behaviours and life.
Coming from a Catholic background, I did not believe in the concept of how people misused the wisdom of the bible putting us down, saying e.g. us being not worthy, sinners and guilty.
I left catholicism and looked into other religions.
What I found was that the base of all religions was always love.
But still, I was not able to find one religion which answered all my questions.
I perceived them as guidelines for human on how to live their lives.
I read loads of psychological books to get the answers for my behaviours. They turned out to be ‘patterns’, as I was not able to change them with my intention only.
Through a friend I learned how to meditate and for the first time I felt there was more than I had experienced up to now.
I had worked through analysing my entire life, and still found I had intense emotions, which I could not explain.
A friend recommended a guy who did past life regressions.
Up to that point I did not believe in past lives, but due to my suffering and finding no other solutions anywhere else, I thought I’ld give it a try.
This experience changed my whole life.
The therapist led me through different past lives.
At first I was very skeptical and questioned all that I felt and saw during that session.
Then at some point I went through a death in a past life and with that I had my life changing experience connecting to the divine.
I literally felt how my consciousness left my body and returned to my soul.
The feelings I had were mindblowing and unforgettable.
I felt light, pure bliss, at ease, happiness, peace, expansion, unconditional love and the feeling of arriving home.
From this moment on I was not afraid of death anymore.
I studied spirituality in countless books and finally found all the answers I was searching for.
Spirituality explains the purpose of life, our identity and our connectiveness with the world, how to be a good person and why we suffer.
“Modern usages tend to refer to a subjective experience of a sacred dimension“ (Saucier Skrzypinska 2006, p.1259) and
the “deepest values and meanings by which people live”. (Sheldrake 2007, p.1-2)(Griffin 1988)
Maria Fleimisch, September 2022