Spiritual Healing

Already at very young age I tried out several treatment methods. Psychotherapy, Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger, Group sessions, Hypnotherapy and many more. All these methods led to a greater understanding of different dynamics in life, but with none of these treatments I got to the level I am now, by involving spiritual healing. Spiritual healing involves universal wisdom and knowledge: Some of the universal laws are: Law of Divine Oneness – interconnectedness of all thing Law of Vibration – everything and every being is vibrating at a specific frequency, attracting similar frequencies into our lives Law of Attraction – used for manifestation, you get what you focus on Law of Polarity –  everything in life has an opposite Law of Cause and Effect – relation between action and events Law of Compensation – ‘you reap what you sow’ – your efforts will always come back to you Law of Rhythm – cycle of life – find your rhythm – e.g. instead of fighting yourself, give yourself rest when needed Law of Relativity – we tend to compare things when all is neutral. It comes down to our perception and perspective.

Past lives have an effect on our current life – so sometimes, in order to heal certain topics on a deep level, I find it necessary to include past lives as well as the universal laws. What happens is we realize that in all aspects, we ourselves are the creators of our lives. It helps acknowledging that we are responsible for everything that occurs to us – the traumatic and the good. Spiritual healing helps us to forgive others and ourselves, as we realise the reason behind it all. All situations life presents us, is always to our highest good – even if it doesn’t seem like it at certain times. But when we look back, we realise how even the moste traumatic events led to more understanding, greater awareness and healing. Spiritual healing is a holistic way of healing which enables the individual to come to peace, find its true Self and even reach enlightenment. Maria Fleimisch, Sept. 2022