free yourself

SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® deletes your subconscious limiting beliefs.
Your mindset is instantly reprogramed.
It’s your mind that creates your reality on all levels.

Live the life you have always dreamed of.
Find your passion and live your true talents and gifts.

Free yourself of any chronic complaints. Your body is an expression of your soul and consciousness. Through your body your consciousness brings your awareness to certain topics that are ready for healing.

Are you happy with your life? Are you allowing yourself to live a life in abundance on all levels?
Love, health, relationships, work, wealth? Just like you deserve it?
Are you worthy enough?
Is your self-talk supporting and loving?
If not this is exactly what you have been looking for!
The truth is, everything starts with your thoughts. It’s your mind that creates your reality!

SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® changes your subconscious beliefs that create your reality.
In one single session about 200 – 300 (!) limiting beliefs are erased and replaced by positive ones.
Stressful emotions and patterns are completely deleted.
Traumatic experiences no longer have an impact on your life.

Yes, you are worthy. You are enough. You are powerful. You are love.

SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® is also very helpful, when you have worked a lot on yourself. Your consciousness is highly evolved.
You would love to take the next step. Finally get rid of all that does not serve you and still holds you back.
Dive even deeper within.

Over the years I have noticed, that all humanbeings of our western world suffer from the same around 200 – 300 (!!) subconscious limiting beliefs!
This is due to our upbringing in our western society.
Therefore I offer 2-hour-online group sessions, in which I lead the group through to delete these limiting beliefs.
Your mindset is reprogramed.
Anybody can take part. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am very happy to answer any questions.

My biggest dream is to reach as many beautiful beings worldwide as possible, so that everybody is able to live a freed life in abundance.

How does it work?
is a technique involving testing your muscles.
With this method we are able to connect to your subconscious. We directly ask your subconscious about the cause of your problems or symptoms.
Every person has experienced traumatic situations in their lives.
On this occasion subconscious limiting beliefs (convictions) are always created.

More than your conscious mind, it’s your subconscious beliefs that have a far more greater impact on your life.
With a unique self developed technique of SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® these limiting subconscious beliefs are deleted.

It is important to know, that always your subconscious decides what is now ready to set free for your healing.
We have no influence on that.
So this helps you to be safe and gives you enough time to process things.
A big amount of your stored limitations are now released.
This means the vibration of your body and system changes instantly. Your life changes to the good.
You feel free and light.
Now you are easier capable of creating a life full of abundance in health, love and wealth.

Focus work employs the law of attraction, promotes client awareness regarding questions like:
Where do I focus my thoughts? What do I bring into my life?
The goal is that you learn to take full responsibility of your life.
This is also very helpful of any sort of personal developement.

Are you ready to take full responsibility for your life?

There is a solution for every challenge that life puts you in

I am very happy to support and accompany you on your journey.
For appointments please mail to:

*Appointments also online via Zoom*