Be in-tune SOUND HEALING with

Feel the calming inner massage of the waves of the sound vibrating through every cell of your body.
You are balanced and in harmony. Deeply relaxed from the inside.
Be cleansed from within.
Raise your vibration.
Your innate self healing process is stimulated.
Your immune system is strengthened. Blockages are softly released.
Live your life free and creative.

During a singing bowl massage the singing bowls are either placed directly on the dressed body or held just above. The sound waves are transferred to the body. You feel the vibration.
The human body mainly consists of water. It starts vibrating through the sound waves.
It acts like an inner massage for the cells of the body.

Singing bowls originate from Himalaya. More than 5000 years ago singing bowls were used in India and Tibet for meditation and healing. Even then they knew about the power of sound / tunes.


Singing bowl massage has positive effects e.g. on headache, anxiety, sleeping problems, high blood pressure, digestion problems, stiffness, pelvic complaints, tinitus and many more and is also used for burnout prevention.
Meanwhile there are many surveys that show positive effects on many other problems, too.