Let go

Are you ready to fully open your heart to loving yourSelf?

Would you like to take the next step and unlock all your powers?

You are freed.

Would you be glad to finally be able to let go of your partner?
You emotionally break free from your partner.

You now know your value.
You are able to move on after this toxic relationship.

You are experiencing a very intense relationship.
When you met, it felt as if you had known each other before.
You felt familiarity straight away. But still it does not work out. You differ in too many topics.
Maybe the age difference is too big, or your attitude is too controverse.
Maybe you have split up several times already, but still, you both simply cannot let go of the other.
You loose a lot of your power and you have no solution.

Or maybe you have a difficult relationship with a collegue at work or a family member?

All these are topics with which you can find big relief with a Pastlife Regression/ Healing Hypnosis Technique.

These are karmic relationships. This means you have been together in former life times, but at that time the relationship ended traumatically.
That is the reason you meet again in this life time. To find a peaceful solution.

In Pastlife Regression we go back and find the reason for your emotional bonding and the lesson that has to be learned.
The emotional imbalance is released. A peaceful solution is found.

If you are interested, or for further information,
please mail to: hello@maria-fleimisch.com

Your INVEST: €270,- (session 1,5 – 2 hours) this includes further support and assistance
via Telegram or Whattsapp Mo-Fr., 10:00-18:00. I am there for you for another month.

I am looking forward to supporting and guiding you into full empowerment.

*Sessions are ONLINE via Zoom*