I have had the pleasure of experiencing Maria’s therapeutic work on several occasions. I typically seek her guidance once every three years or so. Each session has been emotionally enlightening and has helped me to cope with my current life circumstances, particularly when I am too anxious to make a decision.
I highly recommend all of Maria’s therapeutic services as she is the epitome of empathy, sensitivity and attentive listening.
Barbara, France, Sept., 2023 (online healing session)

Maria has a true gift in assisting us to transform. Another beautiful and timely session of incredible depth on some issues that have been life long and lifetime obstacles to experiencing and living love. Thank you Maria and god out there waiting to assist us always. Xx Natalie, Aug. 2023, Ireland

Another fabulous and unique freedom from subconscious limiting beliefs session. Working with love and Maria‘s clear kinaesthetic abilities to transform the subconscious and past lives into new patterning. Powerful, complete and beautiful. Thank you, Maria
Natalie, Aug. 2023, Ireland

Hi Maria,
Before my session I had a block regarding money and success in my business.
After our session, my entire mood and frequency has shifted for the better.
It felt like a big lump in my chest finally went away and my business has never been as good as it is right now! ?
It’s crazy haha. I am feeling extremely blissful in my entire body. Thank you!
Jacob, July 2023 from Sweden (online for SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY®)

Maria was a wonderful friend and expert as it pertains to her work.
When I read into someone being able to “delete subconscious limiting beliefs” I was skeptical.
I asked tons of questions, as I was curious and felt I wanted to learn if this could be possible as I up level in my own life.
I am in the manifestation side of this work.
But it would surely expedite the process of my own up leveling if they could in fact be “deleted.”
It worked!
I instantly felt lighter and haven’t gone back.
I didn’t even resonate with the former limiting beliefs.
Maria is the real deal and I take my hat off to her.

Originally I was skeptical that could it be possible in a single session to rid me of some of my own limiting beliefs?
But after just one session with her, it worked.
Maria is the real deal!
Persis, July 2023 from Florida (online for SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY®)

A month ago I did a session with Maria to dissolve my subconscious limiting beliefs!
I was really surprised how quickly and precisely Maria found them.
I am very grateful for the intensive work with her.
I was really well guided through the process and
now feel more empowered and calm weeks later.
Thank you Maria 🙂
Victoria, June 2023 from Austria (online for SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY®)

I met Maria when I was in Goa for the winter. I had no idea when meeting Maria the work that she did. I ended up moving into the same room that she had been living in, and was taken by her Lovely aura. Over the time spent in India our paths kept crossing and towards the end of my trip I found out about the work that Maria did. She doesn’t tell people about how talented she is but heard from someone else that had a session and she’d said how powerful it was. I then started following Maria on social media and her daily videos that I found such an is inspiration.

Maria has worked through her own personal life experiences which was so encouraging to me to see that anything is possible. Maria is the perfect example of overcoming lives challenges and living your best life. Using positive energy to live life as it should be a wonderful experience where we appreciate every moment. I had my one-off session with Maria on zoom, which was great value. The after-care that she provided was way and beyond what I expected, and I was blown away by how in tune Maria was to my experiences. This is definitely life changing, and would encourage anybody to have this experience no matter what you are looking to get from it it can only be an amazing thing to do. Maria you are true love ❤️❤️

Maria, every word I have written is exactly the experience I have had. I’ve not embellished anything. This is exactly how I feel you are truly amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing because it is life changing and you are very special and talented person. All the love XXX
Peter, June 2023, from Brighton U.K. (online session with SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY®)

With Maria I first had a SNYERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® session to delete my subconscious limiting beliefs.
Since then all my self-doubt and self-criticism has simply disappeared.
I have come to peace with myself as I have never felt before.
Next I also did a Hypno Therapy session with her.
I was led to the healing temple in the spiritual realm.
It was a beautiful place full of light and colours.
There I was greeted with SO much love and benevolence which reminded me of my own light, love and expansion.
Maria guided me through in a very professional way – I felt safe and protected. Since then I feel a lot better and more connected to my true path in life.
I now see my purpose with clarity and I am very grateful for that.
Thank you, Maria
Carmen, April 2023, from Vienna, Austria (online sessions with SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® and Hypno Therapy)

Before visiting Maria I was having very disruptive sleep and nightmares most nights.
It really started affect me as I felt I wasn’t getting much quality sleep and the nightmares were unsettling.
I can honestly say to date I haven’t had a nightmare and my sleeping routine is much better.
Maria is extremely professional and very easy to talk to.
Her voice and energy is soothing and I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed.
Sleeping better has really helped other aspects of my life.
I no longer feel anxious because I’m properly rested.
Thank you, Maria you’re a special lady. <3
Fiona, Great Britain, February 2023 (online session with SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY®)

A truly enlightening experience!
With your guidance I felt completely tranquil and safe during the whole session. I was able to see with precise detail everything that was necessary for me to know.
Never had such a deep spiritual experience before.
All the answers are inside of us!
Sometimes we just need to dig a little deeper 🙂
You really master your profession and feel the honest desire to help others find the root for their suffering.
Thank you Maria. Bless you!
Inez, March 2023 (for Online session with HYPNO Therapy)

Hello Maria,
Thank you for giving me my life back. I was crippled by anxiety and self doubt and after our session it felt like im a new person.
Thank you for being there even after our session. Grateful to have met you ❤️
Angela, India, February 2023

I have been drawn to spirituality and spiritual practices my whole life, and have experienced things that did not make sense until I was guided by Maria through her simple yet very powerful practice. Things that I had experienced had not made sense until that session and even though she suggested that one session was sufficient, I believe there is always room for more healing and you will know, if necessary. So I will attend a second session to completely clear the negative programming from my subconscious mind. My dreams the following night also showed symbols of my subconscious being cleared and finding clarity that the process had definitely taken place on a level we cannot always comprehend with our limiting awareness. It was truly an empowering experience and you will not easily find someone with this technique so if you have come across her work. Do not think twice or doubt her abilities and the gifts she is bestowed with. I am very grateful for finding her and I know my life will be different now and I will have peace with any negative past experiences and mental health issues.
Christina, Sri Lanka, May 2022

The session with Maria…
Been trying to find words to describe, but mind cannot comprehend most of it.
It’s like peeling layers and layers off the skin of Tree.
U are looking for the interior, but suddenly u realised that’s the tree itself.
The transformation goes way beyond that booked session.
Aldo, in that moment that Maria was with me, there was not a second where I did not feel supported or cared.
Her strength really gave me the confidence to look and see whatever I had to.
I do truly recommend to meet Maria and see for yourself.
… and most important, to make peace within you ?
Susana from Spain
April 2022

This beautiful woman @maria_feimisch made my day yesterday even more bright.
Amazing professional, beautiful and loaded with wisdom.
She now lives in Sri Lanka and does some badass healing sessions.
Already went and totally recommend!
Mercedes from Portugal,
Sri Lanka, March 2022

posting on Instagram
Dear Maria,
after yesterday’s treatment with you, I had to think about how to describe this experience.
If I were to use superlatives, it would be “sensational” or “incredible”, but I have found two words that describe this feeling particularly well.
I would like to tell you why these two words came to mind.
During the Quantum Shiatsu Cranio treatment, I had the feeling that my body and mind were falling.
I had the feeling of total familiarity and could enjoy every second.
You asked me what I expect from your treatment and my answer was, I want to treat myself to something good and relax.
I wished for this deep relaxation and I would like to thank you for it.
As promised, I would like to give feedback on the reaction of the treatment.
The day before yesterday I felt really totally depressed and without energy, today it’s like you got my whole system a reeboot.
I feel better, much better and have lost 1kg overnight.
I know this so well because I put myself on the scale yesterday and weighed it up again today.
I have no idea what you are doing and will not google it,
because I am already looking forward to the next treatment with you!
From now on, my pyramid of needs also includes regular treatment with you for eating, drinking, etc.
Not only have you gained a new friend and fan, but also a new customer.
After I told Leya about your treatment, she can’t wait to come to you.
Thank you very much!
Andrea, Vienna, August 2021 (for QUANTUM-SHIATSU)
Thaaaank you Maria, I am free of pain and I feel centered within!
Elisabeth, Vienna, June 2021 (for QUANTUM-SHIATSU)

A friend of mine has been working with this technique for a long time
and is helping children with problems at school!
Christian, Vienna, March 2021 (for SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY®)

Great experience! My hay fever was completely gone after 3 treatments. 🙂
The ambience is very harmonious and Maria Fleimisch leads safely, gently and professionally through the session!
I would love to come back.
Philipp Vienna, June 2017
For about 2 years I have been enjoying treatments of Maria,
but now, after the last, which was above all also strongly energetic work, I have for 3 weeks really a gain in quality of life! (google translate)
Christian Vienna, August 2017