Maria Fleimisch 

Energy Healing, intuitive Psychic, Medium, Distant Healing,
Spiritual Mentor,
Healing Hypnosis Therapy,
Space Clearing,
500hrs. qualified Yoga Instructor, VinyasaFlow & YinYoga
Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner
Craniosacral Practitioner
Quantum Bodywork, Aura surgery
Meditation Teacher
Singing bowl massage
Essential Oils
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* working successfully with countless clients since 2000 – many years of experience * 

Raised in Borneo/Malaysia, Nigeria, Germany, England and Cairo.
Mother of two grown up children –
on July 22, 2022 my 24 year old son transitioned into a light being.
My Son is now my spirit guide. Since he left our physical world, I am channeling valuable insights and information directly from him.

2020 certified 300hr Yoga Teacher Training, in Vinyasaflow & YinYoga, Kranti Yoga, Patnem, Goa, India

2018 certified 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, in Anusara Yoga, Vedic Valley, Goa, India


2010-2009 training in Quantum Bodywork
International Shiatsu School Austria, Graz

2008 Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Gesundheitswerkstatt, Vienna, Austria

2008 training as Cranio-Sacral Practitioner
Gesundheitswerkstatt Vienna

2006-2005 training in Taiji, Qigong, Wushu-Congfu
grand master Prof. Wang Dongfeng, Daoist monk He Xian

1999 training as Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner
European Shiatsu Institute Vienna, Rome, Zurich and Munich

1998 training in Reiki,
Hatha Yoga, Aromatherapy,
Cooking with the 5 Elements

– 1998 Employed as Chief Executive Assistant
Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division, Vienna

To work as a Chief Executive Assistant at Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division before 1998 was an important experience for my life.
60 to 70 working hours per week were the norm and even though we were paid overtime I still began to ask myself:
“What use is the money, if I have no life?” Everything seemed pointless and I lost connection to myself.

At the age of 16 I suffered from an eating disorder,
followed by a drug addiction in the beginning of my 20’s
and a depression, which lead me to taking antidepressants during the time I worked for Coca-Cola.

Deep down I knew there was a path to healing – no matter what – I never gave up, diving deep into the “Why?”
and questioning everything – so in the end: I was blessed to overcome it all.

My path to healing myself also led me to begin the most important journey of my life – the journey to my self (re)discovery.
This brought about the biggest changes in all aspects of my life and my being.

I changed my diet, bacame vegetarian/vegan,
1998 I learned how to meditate,
started practicing Sivananda Yoga in 1999 and also studied martial arts later on.
At the same time I began to consume loads of books on human psyche, spirituality and quantum-physics.
A whole new world opened up for me.

I was always very curious, wanted to dive deep and understand the why and how of myself, life and all things existing.
Around about the same time I was called to participate in a Shiatsu open-house evening.
Full of joy, compassion and excitement I became a student of bodywork.
After I had become a Shiatsu practitioner, I deepened my knowledge mastering Craniosacral and Quantum-Bodywork, too.
Soon after that my ability of doing Aura Surgery came intuitively and as a surprise.

My path led me to finding my spiritual teacher – a very special intuitive psychic.
For many years, she guided me through intense teachings and healings on many levels, also reaching back into several past lives.

In addition to my clairsentience, my clairvoyance opened up more and more.
Later on another gift was revealed: my skill of doing mental healing as well as distant healing.

On my journey one of the most important things that I realised was:

only I myself am responsible for my happiness and well-being.
As convenient as it might be to blame external circumstances and others, did I really want to be powerless and forever remain in the role of the victim?! No!
Was I ready to take full responsibility and be the director of my life? Create the life of my dreams? Yes!

My clairsentience, clairvoyance, big heart, empathic and being highly sensitive allows me to intuitively see and understand the deeper reason for the challenges you get to face in your life.
My spirit guides support me and transfer information that helps you heal the most.

Infinite gratitude fills me and I feel so blessed and excited to exercise my vocation as my work.

I am happy to support you to free yourself of any limitations,
to liberate yourself, guide you into stepping into your full power,
to enable you to finally create a life you deserve, full of abundance at all levels (love, relationships, health, financially).

My insights and spiritual knowledge also extend and flow into my yoga classes.
The essence of my yoga classes, as well as my Quantum-Shiatsu-Cranio sessions, is for you to consciously feel your own body; connect to your breathing; let go of all your thoughts; be in the present moment; immerse yourself into yourself; be your very own light and beauty; and open your heart to the love that you are.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you beautiful being,
LOvE and blessings, Maria