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Smile and shine. Let go of everyday’s life.
Feel your body. Center yourself. Relax.

NEW YOGA CLASS starting AUGUST 5th and 6th 2023


HATHA Yoga (beginner)
Saturdays 9:00 – 10:15 am

YIN Yoga (for everyone)
Sundays 8:30 –  10:00 am

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Looking forward to seeing you on the mat,

In my classes we always start off with a short meditation.
You let go of everydays life and focus within.
You will dive into the inner landscape of your body, mind and breath.
Connect deeply with your own self..expand your consciousness.
You get to know yourself better..explore your limits..leave your comfort zone,
bravely try something new, get closer to yourself step by step in order to live to your fullest potential in life,
discover your talents,
experience the greatest sense of joy and satisfaction possible.

Everyone’s path is unique and they are perfect in exactly where they are in this very moment.
Everyone is trying their best, and that is good enough.
Everyone is continuously evolving.

In translation Yoga means: ‘connection’. The connection of body, mind, heart and soul.
The original purpose of practicing yoga is awakening – in order to eventually reach enlightenment. Yes, this is a very ambitious goal. But each of us, even as beginners, are more than capable of reaching the preliminary stage to enlightenment – the state in which the mind is absolutely free of any thoughts.
And how should we achieve this?
By diving deep into our bodies so that we may consciously feel them and perceive them.

There are many different kinds of yoga.
Hatha Yoga encompasses all yoga styles that are physical, including meditation, asanas (postures) and breathing exercises.
If your body is free of blockages and tension and full of power, these positive qualities will radiate into your everyday life.
A liberated, joyful and powerful life results in a stronger sense of self-esteem, which in turn allows you to face the challenges in your life with increased confidence and ease.


In my private yoga sessions I am able to give you further and more detailed assistance for your yoga practice.

I myself began practicing yoga in 1998.
After the birth of my son I started with Sivananda Yoga and in the following 3 years I went to classes very regularly.
At the time it was a gift that I gave to myself as a mother, who was naturally otherwise concentrated on giving a great deal of attention and loving care to her newborn.
I consciously took the time during these yoga classes twice a week only for myself. When I became pregnant with my daughter I attented pregnancy yoga. The birth itself was very fast and without complications.

I was surprised and very taken with the effect of yoga.
Since I had begun to do yoga regularly I was much more balanced and satisfied in my life than ever before.
I also noticed an unprecedented power in me that allowed me to deal with life’s challenges with more confidence and ease.

After that I practiced martial arts for several years. But the time came when I didn’t want to throw anyone on the floor anymore or be knocked down during training.
So I returned to yoga and found the greatest pleasure in practicing Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.
I had discovered the optimal combination for myself.
Vinyasa Flow built up my muscular strength for my life and allowed me to be “in the flow”.
Meditative Yin Yoga in which the asanas are held for several minutes to stretch meridians and fasciae, brought flexibility, stamina and more inner peace into my everyday life.
I finally completed the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training (RYT) with a focus on Anusara Yoga. ‘Anusara Yoga’ means ‘flowing with grace’ and attaches great importance to tantric and philosophical concepts regarding expanding one’s consciousness and living in harmony with the divine. The Universal Principles of Alignment™ in the individual asanas is another key element of Anusara Yoga. It brings these aspects of aligning your body, breath and spirit for optimal strength into your everyday life.
My 300 hrs. Yoga Teacher Training  I attended at Kranti Yoga School, Patnem, Goa.
Focus here was Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga.

I look forward to accompanying you on your path.