6 Steps of How to Raise Your Vibration

In the following you will find 6 steps of how to easily raise your frequency.
Everything in life is vibration. (Albert Einstein)

YOU have the POWER to raise your vibration yourself!HEALTHY FOODS
Eat high vibe foods. “You are / you become what you eat”.
It boosts your energy level naturally and your frequency rises.
Fresh, orangic fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, green smoothies, fresh whole herbs, all sorts of berries, nuts, spirulina, drink boiled water.
Leafy greens are vital, as they are dense source of chlorophyll, which has many important benefits for your body.ESSENTIAL OILS
Smell 100% organic essential oils. E.g. rose essential oil has the highest recorded frequency at 320MHz.
Some essential oils you can put directly onto your skin such as lavender oil. Lavender has a very calming and soothing effect on your whole system.

Watch your thoughts. Is your inner voice talking to yourself in a caring and loving way?
If not, change them! You decide what you would like to think.
Positive thoughts have a high frequency, negative one’s are low.

An easy way to change your sad/bad mood instantly and to raise your vibration:
Write it down, and add to your list every day:
What are you thankful for? Think about even the smallest things, like
do you have food? Clothes to wear? A friend to whom you can talk to? A place to stay?

Take a walk in the woods, practice martial arts, do Yoga or do any type of exercise or sports.
Even when it is only for like 20 minutes.
You will definitely feel better afterwards.
A great thing also is to dance to your favourite music and sing.

There are many guided meditations that you can find online. This will distract your mind and change your thinking. You will feel relaxed and at peace.

Simply lift your head and smile. That also changes your vibration.

Any illness has a low frequency/vibration.
So when you vibrate at a high frequency, it’s impossible to get ill.

BUT sometimes we simply do not have the power to do any of this.
And that is totally okay, too!
Try not to feel bad about yourself. We all go through difficult stages in life.
Keep in mind, you are not alone. Allow yourself to get some help.
I am there for you.

SYNERGETISCHE KINESIOLOGIE® is a technique that reprograms your mind set.
Online sessions are available:

Have a wonderful day, LOvE and blessings

Maria ☀️???