4 Steps for a Joyful Life

4 steps for a joyful life. Rebuild your confidence.
How to let go of worries and fears.

OBSERVE your fears and worries – what are you worrying about? Is it getting ill? Is it the sanctions being taken?
Take a close look at them and respect them.
STOP yourself. As soon as you notice fearful or worrying thoughts, you instantly stop yourself thinking these thoughts!
It’s not your thoughts that are thinking you, YOU are thinking your thoughts.
RECALL happy and joyful moments of your life. Focus on them. Envision them with all your senses. See them, feel them, be them.
REPEAT the affirmation:
I AM the path, I AM the truth, I AM life – I AM free of fear and worries, I AM full of life and love

Repeat these 4 steps for only 1 hour everyday for 21 days.

If up to now your pattern was to have worrying and fearful thoughts, you now can change this pattern into the opposite: having joyful and happy thoughts. Reprogram your mindset.

Fear weakens your immune system, love strengthens it.

If you feel you have totally lost power over yourself, it’s okay. This can happen, too.
Especially during such challenging times we all now live in.
Try not to judge yourself for that. You are not alone.
Allow yourself to get some help.

I am there for you.
SYNERGETIC KINESIOLOGY® reprograms your mindset.
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Love and blessings, Maria